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Patented EOG ozone generation technology

BioSure WSS pipeline-mounted OZONE WATER disinfectant generation system is equipped with the most advanced PEM solid-state membrane electrolysis technology. Tap water is instantly separated into oxygen and hydrogen atoms in the form of proton exchange through low-voltage direct current, and polymerized into dissolved OZONE and hydroxyl radical •OH as natural disinfection ingredient. Ozone water can output to kitchen or bathroom faucet, and also to the washing machine through simple water pipe connection.


Electrolytic EOG



Fully automatic operation


Biolux WSS dissolved ozone concentration is automatically adjusted by a sophisticated intelligent system to reduce manual operation. You can also adjust the daily on-off time of the system or adjust the concentration of dissolved ozone as needed. Every time you turn on the kitchen and bathroom faucet or start the washing machine, WSS automatically starts to output ozone disinfection water .


Disinfection outperformer


Compared with traditional chemical disinfectants, ozone and hydroxyl radicals have more efficient and rapid oxidation, with lower dosing concentration but more capable and faster for destroying viruses and bacteria. Ozone reduced to oxygen without leaving residue after disinfection.


15 seconds disinfection speed


Tested by the SGS laboratory Center, WSS OZONE water eliminates 99.99% of the bacteria on the surface of the object within 15 seconds, and the American ATS laboratory report confirms that it can eliminate 99.99% of the calicivirus that causes severe respiratory infections.


Green life attitude


In order to reduce the burden on the planet, we have designed the world's most innovative disinfection product. WSS can produce a total capacity of 2,300,000 liters of ozone water disinfectant for 1,000 hours of cumulative operation, saving the planet a large number of pre-made disinfectant plastic containers.


Family protection in all aspects


Ozone water is neutral in nature and mild that does not damage skin. It can be used for disinfection in a faster and direct way without leaving any residue. The household application including disinfection of  food materials, tableware, hygiene products, baby products, pet products, and even water pipes and U-shaped water pipes.



Change differently


The 4th generation of  EOG technology developed since 1998, does not require chemicals or salt that uses only tap water to generate dissolved ozone O3 and hydroxyl radical OH. Natural way of disinfectant generation and leaving no residue after its effect take place.

U.S. DuPont Proton Exchange Technology

The most secure technology, the highest specification in the industry

Water for optimum neutral pH

Optimal human health needs

Precision intelligent detection

Microcomputer detection system to maintain the best performance

Multinational SGS laboratory testing

Can eliminate 99.99% harmful bacteria

(BIOSURE 5 seconds disinfection / BIOLUX 15 seconds disinfection)

US FDA ATS laboratory test

99.99% elimination of drug-resistant calicivirus

(Caicivirus resistance is higher than COVID-19 coronavirus)

British Soil Association Certification

Effectively remove bacteria and

Removal of pesticide residues


Technology Innovation Milestone


The US USDA and FDA defined active oxygen O3 as a food additive recognized as safe GRAS in 2001. It is safe to eat and active oxygen quickly reduces oxygen naturally.


Clothes cleaning experience


Whenever the washing machine program is turned on, BioLux WSS disinfection water is input immediately to eliminate bacteria and viruses contained in contaminated clothes, avoid pathogens from cross-infection between clothes, and completely remove unpleasant odors and odors from clothes.


Disinfecting ingredients                     Dissolved ozone and hydroxyl ions (maximum concentration 1.5 ppm)

Output water volume                            2,300 liters/hour

Production time                                     Immediately

Source material                                      Tap water

Consumables life                                   More than 3 years *Calculated by accumulating 60,000 minutes of 50 minutes of daily use

Water pipe connection                         3/4 inch international standard pipe size

Applicable water temperature         0°C-40°C

Power supply and battery                 96W (transformer input 100-240V, 50/60Hz)

Size                                                           140 (W) x 128.5 (D) x 210.5 (H) mm

Weight                                                      1.3 kg


Lower operating costs


WSS can produce 2,300 liters of disinfectant water per hour, and it can produce 2,300,000 liters in a cumulative operation of 1,000 hours. The purchase price is only HKD 0.009 per liter, which saves more than 99% of cost per liter compared with other natural disinfectants.