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BIOTEK Environmental Science has developed 4th generation of  EOG patented technology since 1998. It has no added salt or chemicals, uses water molecules to generate natural disinfectant. The BIOTEK OZONE brand has been developed in Hong Kong for 12 years and has been widely used in many institutions, hospitals, hotels, schools, airports, restaurants, food factories, nursing homes and nurseries over the years. In order to combat the new COVID-19 virus, in 2020, we took the lead in introducing professional disinfection technology into Hong Kong households. The latest BIOLUX WSS household ozone water equipment, generates ozone water with concentration automatically adjusted by sophisticated intelligent system. It is widely used and can be used directly after turning on the tap.

The latest Hong Kong SGS laboratory test report shows WSS eliminates 99.99% of bacteria in 15 seconds, and the US ATS laboratory test report shows WSS eliminates drug-resistant calicivirus in 2 minutes. The ingredients in ozone water are chlorine-free, alcohol-free, no residual gas, colorless, odorless, neutral in acid and alkali, non-damaging to the skin, safe to eat and compatible with washing machine to disinfect clothes, thoroughly solving household and personal hygiene problems.




We and our customers

We listen to the needs of our customers and continuously improve the quality of our products and services. In the past 12 years, BES Hong Kong technicians have repeatedly entered SGS and ALS and other international testing laboratories to verify the disinfection efficiency of each generation of BES systems with the most practical methods, in order to provide the most practical disinfection solutions for professionals to apply. We establish a long-term relationship of mutual trust with customers. During the sensitive period of the epidemic COVID-19, BIOLUX will strive to provide a wide range of health solutions and opinions to allow everyone to improve epidemic prevention measures.



No added chemicals

Only need to connect to the water pipe and power supply, the disinfection ingredients, dissolved ozone and hydroxyl radicals are endless

Tap water

British three-pin socket


BIOLUX patented ozone water disinfection technology

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