The BioSure OSB OZONE WATER disinfection sprayer realizes one-key Ozone disinfection water production, and it can be operated when the system LED blue light flashes. Spray 5 seconds to eliminate 99.99% of the bacteria on the surface of the object. It can produce 150 ml disinfection spray 12,000 times. The original factory has a one-year after-sales maintenance.

HK$ 3,200.00

The BioLux WSS pipeline-mounted OZONE WATER disinfection water manufacturing system can not only output to the kitchen or bathroom faucet, but also output to the washing machine through the water pipe connection and operate in a fully automatic manner, eliminating 99.99% of the surface of the object in 15 seconds. The system can produce a total capacity of 2,300,000 liters of disinfectant water for 1,000 hours of cumulative operation. The original factory has a 1-year after-sales maintenance.

HK$ 21,800.00


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BIOLUX original one-year onsite premium


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On-site basic installation and pipe connection service

HK $ 1,000

Need to connect additional washing machine or wall power cord

Onsite estimation

BIOLUX Electrolytic Ozone Generator

HK $ 6,000

Lifespan of 60,000 minutes, 40 minutes of operation per day, calculated lifespan of 4 years

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